Skimming the Surface!

Isn't it totally crazy yet wonderful that.

Everything we are currently involved in/ experiencing right now in our lives is simply just a GLIMPSE of our FULL POTENTIAL.

We are literally just SKIMMING THE SURFACE!

I often get this visualization of God looking down and laughing at us when he witnesses us beginning to feel content, comfortable and complacent with our current circumstance. God is our creator & only he knows the infinite potential that he has stored up inside of us which is x10000000000+ bigger than what we could ever think or imagine.

POTENTIAL : someone's or something's ability to develop, achieve, or succeed

Now, it is so easy to find one area of our gifting... EXCEL in that area then become stagnant because we get comfortable or we believe that's all that God has placed inside us. WAKE UP CALL!! We are so wrong - God has given us a plethora of gifts coupled with unlimited potential which I find so exciting. It is then our job to find them , draw them out , nurture them and most importantly give them responsibility by USING them to give back to our Father.

To have vision is very essential. Vision gives us clarity , purpose and direction but also allows us live our lives intentionally. When we are clear about our vision we become very cautious with how we spend our time and what we invest it in. Our life begins to mould around our vision as we get our priorities into line & focus on bringing to life what God has shown us .Our vision dictates EVERYTHING!

It's a pretty mind-blowing thought that Gods plan for our life is so much more:






Than the plan we actually have for ourselves.

Some of us believe ourselves to be creative which might be a true fact, but the CREATOR CREATED US which means we haven't even experienced a small fragment of how creative God truly made us to be..YET


However, It is so important for us not to loose sight of the source.

Our source being God.

This is the very point where a lot of us seem to go wrong.

We fail to consult God regularly with our dreams, visions and plans. Instead, we go at it alone as if our own strength and knowledge is enough to see our vision through. Our communication with God dwindles, our prayers sound more like requests and we never really take the time to stop & listen to hear back from our Father. ( Moment of transparency: we have all been there )

Its time for us to dig a little deeper into exploring the potential God has given to us.

Don't Settle with the reality of just Skimming the Surface!

Think of the potential God has given you to be an ocean which is everlasting & unending yet infused with opportunity. You have literally just dipped your toe in the water & God wants you to dive in.

Trust Him. Consult Him & ENJOY the process.

Jeremiah 29:11

" For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."