As long as we are alive and engaging with others it is inevitable that we will experience periods of disappointment.

At times the disappointment may be so hurtful you literally want to scream out 'HELLLLLPPPP'

This blog isn't going to tickle your feelings with lots of joyful content explaining why being let down is good for you, including the many lessons you learn along the way and how there is happiness on the other side. Although this is true, I want to address the immediate feelings that slap us in the face and ultimately throw us off guard.

First things First

We are Human

& the people we build relationships with are also human.

So, the reality is disappointment WILL follow us , all the days of our life.

The true test of character is manifested in how we manage and deal with disappointment.

Many of us may have experienced let down from family , friends , partners , work colleagues , associates , business partners , mentors and sometimes even ourselves.

It is important to recognize that as humans we will fail one another and at times we may even fail ourselves.

Our feelings are unreliable & forever changing.

Our intentions sometimes waver.

Our decision making isn't always 100% spot on.

The list really is ongoing.

Now this doesn't mean we should be completely rational and not trust in anybody.

It simply means we should continually


It is so easy to find ourselves disappointed due to the high expectation we place on people.

We can often expect too much from others which leads to ultimate disappointment.

One thing I know for sure is that God will never ever fail nor disappoint us and we are safe to put ALL our trust in him.

Jeremiah 17:7

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord".

How to manage and deal with disappointment

~ Recognise that it is ok to feel disappointed but don't allow it to fester inside of you for long enough that it changes your character

~ Learn from your disappointment by continually evaluating your expectations and making adjustments when necessary

~ Build relationships/friendships with people who will support you and be a shoulder to lean on in such times.

~ Grow & expand your relationship with God. It is inevitable that humans will fail us from time to time but God is our Rock who will never fail us. Develop a deep relationship with Him so your faith is unwavering.

One thing we will not escape is the reality of being let down, but we can control how we allow it to affect us.